Our Pride, Our Milton

We had our first event this past Sunday at Celebrate Milton – a town-wide festival of food, fun, and community building.

At our table, Miltonians got to know our project a bit more, and we asked them to fill out these reflection cards pictured below. On one side, the cards prompted them to finish the sentence, “When  I look at Milton, I see…” On the other, participants wrote down the things they didn’t see in their town.

The responses varied: some folks wrote that they saw a community with good schools and municipal services, while others wrote that they didn’t see diversity in town leadership. So often we may feel that our communities are homogeneous, but these cards remind us that  neighbors experience their town very differently due to their race, heritage, life experiences, gender, or sexual orientation.

The highlight of our event was our first story sharing circle, held in Pierce Middle School. Participants gathered to answer the question, “What are you proud of?”

The responses to that question were incredibly beautiful. We were in awe and deeply humbled and grateful that folks were so willing to be vulnerable with us, even though we were strangers just a few minutes before.

We have many more story sharing circles planned for the upcoming year ahead but if you weren’t able to join us this Sunday, we’d be honored if you could share with us – what are you proud of?


Share your thoughts and reflections with us in a comment below or on Facebook.

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