Milton Reflecting is a year-long series of creative programs and community dialogues that offer Milton Residents of all ages a chance to reflect on, claim and celebrate the extraordinary diversity of our town.   In support of the project, the Town of Milton Selectmen proclaimed “MILTON REFLECTING” as an official Town Theme for the year from Oct 2016-Oct 2017.


MILTON REFLECTING began when the NYC based theater company PearlDamour began visiting Milton, MA for their nation-wide project MILTON.  For the past 4 years, PearlDamour has been visiting and working with 5 small towns named ‘Milton’ across the U.S., in WI, LA, NC, OR, and here in MA.  PearlDamour began working with interested locals on creating programming here in our Milton in 2013 that both brings the community together around issues that matter and serves as meaningful context for their play “MILTON,” which was written based on their experiences in the 5 Miltons across the country and explores the questions “What is it like to be an American today?” and “Does an American community actually exist?”  PearlDamour will be presenting MILTON in Milton, MA in the spring of 2017. Go to our Calendar page for more info. For more on PearlDamour’s national project, visit http://www.skyovermilton.com.