PearlDamour’s MILTON project began in 2012, when we (PearlDamour – a New York based performance making company that has worked almost exclusively in big cities) began to ask ourselves: Does an “American Community” actually exist? How can we find it? What can we learn from it? In order to discover an answer, we chose 5 towns with the same name—Milton— in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Louisiana and Oregon, and began a series of visits, talking with local Miltonians about their lives and world views. The conversations we’ve been having range from casual encounters to formal interviews. In general, we present our interviewees with four questions and invite them to answer any or all of them: How did you get to Milton? If there were one thing you could change about the world, what would it be? What is your advice for future generations? What do you think our purpose is here on this earth? Our goal with our interviews is to dream along with the Miltonians we meet. Thus far, the responses have led to fantastic, serpentine conversations about the nature of the individual, living within a community, here in America.