Calendar of Events

This is an archive of events listings for Milton Reflecting, from Oct 2016-Oct 2017.



Oct 4: Milton Reflecting awarded a Community Builder’s Award at ¡Celebrate Milton!  Library Director Will Adamczyk accepted the award on behalf of the team.

Oct 17: Courageous Conversation at the Holy Spirit of Mattapan Church.


Aug 25: Elder Play Fest reprise performance at Unquity House.

JUNE 2017

June 10:  The Elder Play Fest premieres at Fuller Village for an audience of over 60 people.

MAY 2017

May 16-23: PearlDamour’s performance of MILTON at the Milton Public Library.  4 shows to audience of 70, plus two school performances for Milton High sophomores.


Jan 16:  MLK Day Interfaith Service, sponsored by Milton Interfaith Clergy Association. We will lead the “keynote activity” for the service, facilitating story sharing between attendees based on themes of inclusion and tolerance.

Jan 17: THEMED BOOK DISCUSSION of Native American Stories, including stories by Ann Hutchinson

Jan 21: KIDS ACTIVITY: Diversity Paper Quilt

To complement the Milton Library’s focus on diversity, The Pop up Art School will teach a workshop on January 21, 2017. In a collaborative project each child will make a drawing representing their family’s country of origin. On a square piece of paper they will make a circular drawing using colors and shapes from their country’s flag(s). Each drawing will be cut into 4 squares. Your child will receive one square of their artwork to take home. After the class, all of the remaining squares will be mixed and reassembled into a large paper quilt. The finished project, will represent many countries of origin together in a unified whole and will be on display in the library.

For ages 6-12. Registration is required and will open two weeks prior to the program. Sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Library.


Feb 2: Creative workshop with theater students at Milton High

Feb TBD Story Circle:  Letting Voices be Heard  Hosted by Church of our Savior, inspired by the many Miltonians participating in the Women’s March on Jan 20th.  A chance to share stories and reflect together.

February 21 Themed Book Discussion:  “Oliver Wiswell”  by Kenneth Lewis Roberts

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book has an incredible timeliness. It gives us a symbol of the ideals which were forged in the crucible and came out a great nation. A superb love story — an extraordinary piece of characterization — and a unique background, handled with Roberts’ masterful technique. The question is, are we grown up enough as a nation, to “”take it””? Here is a full-bodied story of the American Revolution from the side of the Loyalists, shown to be a story of a Civil War, rather than the Colonies putting up virtually a united front to England.  // Oliver Wiswell was a Yale undergraduate, who came home on the eve of his father’s victimization — and who tells his story. The scene is Massachusetts; Boston provides shelter briefly; then the high seas and Halifax. The canvas is a big one. We follow the hero to England, to France, back to America. We see many of the war’s battles from the other side. And we share with the Loyalists the relief when it is over and they have found new chance for life and liberty among those of their own belief, in far-off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Roberts has told great stories; he has contributed as much as any and more than most, to our American background. This is his best book.


March 21     THEMED BOOK DISCUSSION: The Parish and the Hill, by Mary Doyle Curran

ABOUT THIS BOOK: This 1948 novel tells the story of three generations of an Irish immigrant family through the eyes of a young girl. Living in a Massachusetts mill town in the 1920s, the O’Connors are caught between the desire to move out of the “parish” (the Irish shanty town) and up onto “the hill.” Brilliant and painful on the themes of alcoholism and social class, it is a powerful exploration a family struggling to find their place in America.


April (ongoing) PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT: The Bay State– a Multicultural Landscape, Photographs of New Americans. This exhibit will be installed in the library gallery and will be the backdrop for story circles, book discussions, and creative workshops.

April 18        THEMED BOOK DISCUSSION:  Home Movie  By Jenifer de Leon

 ABOUT THIS BOOK: The 2015 Boston Book Festival selection for Boston’s ‘One City One Story’ read. The story centers on a Guatemalan wife and husband living in Boston with their three children.  The plot is drawn primarily from the personal experiences of de Leon’s own parents who were also Guatemalan immigrants. “Home Movie” portrays the life of an immigrant couple, split between sticking it out in their new country and returning to the old.

April TBD    Story Circle

This story circle will be themed around stories of home: new homes, old homes, what it means to make a home, find a home, leave a home. What is home to you?


May 16       THEMED BOOK DISCUSSION  –title to be announced, this book will reflect an African American perspective on the realities of race in this country.

May 17-21 PERFORMANCE of PearlDamour’s MILTON

What does it mean to be an American?  This spoken-and-sung play features audio, video, pictures and artifacts from 5 Miltons across the country– including yours.  An evocative, surprising, and fun evening of unusual performance, brought to you by the Nationally recognized experimental theater company PearlDamour.

There will be morning shows for sophomores at Milton High; matinee and evening performances for the larger community.  A community conversation will happen after every show. If you’re interested in bringing a group to see the show, email Katie Pearl at   FREE!   

Community show dates:  Wednesday May 17 and Thursday May 18 at 7pm,  Sat May 21 and Sun May 22  at 2:30pm. 

Location: Keys Room at the Library. Click here for tickets, or call 1-800-946-6443.


June 10          ELDER PLAY FESTIVAL  (evening)

Professional actors enact short plays written by or about stories from Milton’s elders.  Created under the mentorship of graduate playwriting students from Boston Playwrights’ Theatre.  All welcome. More info coming soon.

June tbd     Story Circle, theme tbd!


July Tbd     Milton Reflecting Multi-Cultural Music Festival

We are currently building partnerships and planning what this multi-cultural event can be. If you’re interested in joining the team making this happen, please contact Karen Gross Horan:  We’re thrilled to try to make this happen! 


Sept Tbd       Final Community Story Circle and reflection


October          Closing celebration at ¡Celebrate Milton!